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tv   ABC 7 News at 500  ABC  July 30, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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received by mcdonnell over the years. prosecutors say she arranged a family trip for the mcdonnells to william's home in 2011. a boat was delivered to the home along with williams' ferrari for the governor's use, which was driven by an employee of star scientific who then took a limo service back home. fulkerson also set up trips for the mcdonnell's children including bachelorette parties and a trip to the ritz carlton in tampa for rachel. defense attorneys worked to establish a theme that williams has been generous to many politicians, as fulkerson revealed he also loaned his jet to john mccain, mitt romney and ken cuccinelli. the mcdonnells walk in with the former governor saying how they're preparing for the long road ahead. >> my faith in god.
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>> hats hats is monitoring -- hatzel vela is monitoring jeff on social media. so we'll go to them throughout the newscast with new developments. the abc~7 web team is constantly updating all the twists and turns. there are plenty. you can catch up on the corruption trial and the key players on >> moving to other news. we have a traffic alert to tell you about. this is on i-395. just a short time ago police reopened the northbound lanes at quaker lane after an accident. three people were hurt in the crash according to officers. we don't know their conditions. traffic is slow in the north and southbound lanes so it's best to try to avoidthat area and -- avoid that area and find alternates if possible. >> an anne arundel jury awitted the new jersey -- acquitted the new jersey man who killed a man in millersville in a road rage incident. joseph walker was facing
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prosecution after police say he gunned down joseph harvey. walker says he feared for his wife and three children's lives. he says he tried to diffuse the situation but shot harvey as a last resort. >> more breaking news from montgomery county this time where a 13-year-old is in custody suspected of shooting an 18-year-old girl four times from near point-blank range. this was after a confrontation on douglas avenue in wheaten. kevin lewis is live from the scene tonight with the latest on the search. how do things stand now? >> a lot of updates. that juvenile in custody, but the victim just released from the hospital. we just finished speaking with family members off camera. they are perplexed why she was shot. i asked why an 18-year-old was out at 5:00 a.m. they say she met up with a group
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of male friends and for reasons unknown one of the boys pushed her in the grass allegedly and then pulled the trigger and shot her. >> 9 11 a woman in distress calling for help. >> a crime scene spanning two blocks and a young woman left badly injured. >> our victim is being treated. i'm with witnesses now. she has four gunshot wounds, sunny none of which are life-threatening. >> investigators swarmed with what is typically a peace ifal neighborhood. >> it was -- peaceful neighborhood. >> it was shocking to hear someone was shot. this has never happened here before. >> this street was closed. >> these girls live close and know the 18-year-old victim pictured here. >> she had situations going on but she wasn't a bad person to deserve that. things happen, but that shouldn't have went down the way it went down. >> investigators say they have solid leads including text messages linking the victim and
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the suspect. >> before something worse happens, we would feel much better with the suspect or suspects and the firearm safely in our custody. >> and so this afternoon detectives returned in search of evidence. they canvassed yards and shrubs and even climbed into this large magnolia tree but came up empty-handed. >> he wasn't really focusing on what the future was going to hold for him or any of the consequences. >> to recap, direct directs have take -- detectives have taken a male into custody and they are questioning him as we speak. as for the 18-year-old girl, she's back at home resting in her bedroom. family members tell me she's just afraid she could be the victim of another attack. in wheaten, i'm kevin lewis, abc~7 news. >> thank you, kevin. a glen burnie man faces up to 15 years in prison after pleading guilty to stealing millions of
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dollars of u.s. postal service cards. he pleaded guilty to working with another man, aaron howard to steal and resell 2,000 aluminum containers over a four-year peer period. howard goes on trial and mural will be sentenced in october. >> chilly, cool, brisk. whatever word you choose to use to describe the weather. we saw some temperatures that made it feel like september this morning. >> can you believe it? nearly august and folks this morning are pulling out the long sleeve shirts and hoodies. some had light jackets on during the morning commute. how about tomorrow. how about a repeat of that? chief meteorologist doug hill is standing by. what's the word. >> it would be very comfortably cool tomorrow morning but maybe a couple degrees milder here as winds turn to the south. eventually temperature and humidity levels will increase. but we don't see anything dramatic coming here. 77 outside of the belfort furniture weather center.
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we're looking at the bellhaven country club in alexandria. sunshine and blue skieses. a delightful day and evening. upper 70's in martinsburg and gaithersburg. 79 at reagan national airport. dew point temperatures, the true measure of moisture in the air lower 50's, upper 40's, not better than this in july. overnight mostly clear, however we're watching an area off to the west with some showers, maybe fall in western portions, maybe a late night shower. a look ahead to the rest of the week and weekend coming up. >> the ebola outbreak in west africa is forcing the piece core there to pull volunteers out of liberia sierra leon and new guinea. volunteers have fallen ill after getting the virus and two aid workers in liberia. more than 1200 people have
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contracted the virus in west africa and nearly 700 have died. it's spread after direct contact with bodily fluids of an infected person. doctors say americans should avoid any casual travel to west africa. >> a nonpartisan investigation is laying the blame for the troubled roll-out on the obama administration. scott thuman is live in the satellite center with the disturbing report. >> we have gotten an advanced copy of tomorrow's testimony and this is just a scathing assessment of what was happening behind the scenes as the obamacare administration -- or as the obama administration tried to meet its deadlines to get people enrolled under the affordable care act or obamacare as it's known. you remember the roll-out where some people couldn't sign up. this g.a.o. report details all sorts of confusion about when who was in charge and details confusion that it says left huge
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cost increases. they say they improperly added $30 million in unauthorized spending. the tech company that took over the other one that failed is costing about $75 million. that's about $80 million more than expected. investigators say there were constant calls for changes and as a result, the website is actually still not fully functioning. now we're going to have a lot more about this and we're going to learn a lot more during the hearing on the hill tomorrow morning, but certainly, a really damming picture of how badly this whole process was managed. >> scott, thank you very much for that. >> a little more than 100 unaccompanied immigrant children who crossed over from central america have enrolled in montgomery county public schools. a spokesperson for the school system says most are high school aged. they will help deal with a number of issues including
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counseling for those who have suffered abuse or targets of human trafficking. >> the debate over the redskins team name has drawn in of all people hillary clinton, the former secretary of state and potential presidential candidate. >> i think it's insensitive and i don't think there's any reason for it to continue as the ne of a team in our nation's capital. i would love to see the owners thinkyy> hard about what -- >> horace holmes joins us live from redskins training camp, he's in richmond, virginia. any reaction to this latest twist coming from hillary clinton? >> many of the folks behind me who have traveled from all over to watch their team, to rub shoulders with the players told me they could care less about what hillary clinton or anyone else has to to say about a name change.
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>> you would be hard pressed at redskins training camp in richmond to find anyone who wants to change the team's name. in fact no one practically wants to talk about it. >> we've always been the redskins and we will always be, and i'm proud of the name. >> fans have jammed the facility to see their football heroes up close. they proudly wear the burgundy and gold. >> when you see how many people are supporting the team it shows how dedicated they are as a fan base. the team and the whole name. >> redskins fans out doing what fans do, rooting for their team. flamboyantly showing their support eor the players. >> the things that should prosper are good health, wealth, and the washington redskins! >> for these folks in richmond, let the name change debate rage on in washington. right now they're excited to be here, excited that the redskins are here and anxious just to touch a star.
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>> later on in sports we'll talk football and let you hear what robert griffin iii had to say about another redskins controversy. horace holmes, abc~7 news. >> we'll see you guys soon. >> still come come on abc~ 7 news at 5:00, the new escalation in gaza that has the u.s. condemning israel's actions. >> a new threat to the team of investigators looking for answers in the shooting down of malaysia airlines flight 17. >> why a railroad company released a video that shows two women cheating death. >> new reaction tonight from the feds and industry insiders to that video we first showed you of a bus driver using his ipad behind the wheel. i'm joce sterman. the la
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>> tonight we are learning new details about that bus driver caught on camera using an ipad behind the wheel. >> our eye team broke the story yesterday and now it's dug up some new details about the bus company's own history. joce sterman live tonight in arlington with more on what we found. >> the federal motor carrier federal safety administration
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says they have seen our story and video and are looking into what happened. we're getting new reaction from industry insiders about that video and the company. >> bus drivers are supposed to keep their eyes on the road, but passengers on an america transportation services bus watched last weekend as their driver scrolled through his ipad. we went to the driver's house today to ask about what happened. >> is this him in this video? is that him? that's him. we wanted to see if we could talk to tim about this vid -- him about this video. >> he's not at home. >> is he at work? >> the people watching this man hit record to get his distracted driving on the record. >> anything that will divert the driver's attention is a concern. >> he says he's troubled by what he saw, but wouldn't pull america transportation services from the group's website bus because they have a record listed with the feds.
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the company gets a good rating even though they've been flagged for unsafe driving and thought doing random drug and alcohol tests. >> it doesn't necessarily mean that company is a bad operator. >> no it doesn't. and i think that's important to point out. it just means that there is an issue that the federal motor carrier safety administration has brought to their attention that they need to deal with. >> still they're shoes the u.m. -- issues the u.m.a. thinks you should know about, that's why they link them to safety records so you can take a look. >> you can say we've seen the alert. what are you doing about it. >> we keep asking america transportation services to tell us more about the alerts and the accidents on its record, but they are refusing to provide any information to us. now the motor coach association says anyone looking to book one of these trips, one of these tour buses, needs to ask a lot of questions. if you call asking about those
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alerts or accidents, a reputable company should answer your questions and be transparent. if they're not, you might want to move on because that could be a red flag. the association says you also need to make sure they have the authority to drive. that's a federal stature, an actual status from the feds, and you need to make sure they have proper insurance. live in arlington, joce sterman, abc~7 news. >> nice work and good advice. >> she's out in sleeveless now but this morning you couldn't have done that. that's crazy. >> it's the end of july. >> sometimes you get late august and september, if you get a stormy day where it's cloudy and you get easterly winds they bring the chilly air off the atlantic. but in july, that almost never happens. i can't remember in the 46 years i've been on the planet. >> the only 46 you're counting. >> i think i flipped something backwards. this is one of the brand new h.d. cameras at cardinal ridge elementary in centerville.
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a beautiful day in the area. just a few fair-weather clouds. as we get towards sunset most of the area will be clear. with dew point and air temperatures cool, it will be carvel and feel like a late -- comfortable and people like a late september evening through the area. the all important dew point is important because in the summertime it will tell you at one glance whether it's comfortable. you get a 78-degree temperature, 58-degree dew point very comfortable by any definition. in bowie, the high of 80 degrees today. temperatures are combined with the air temperatures have fall written all over it. 48 in washington dulles, 52 in frederick, 49 in martinsburg for the lows. the average lows are much warmer than that. when it hit 48 at dulles it broke the old low. thurgood marshal, hit thely.
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we're shy of the record but comfortable nonetheless. 77 in winchester, 80 in baltimore, 80 in fredericksburg. we're watching to the west. there are areas of showers. there's upper level lows spinning across canada and it's spinning out showers and thunder. where with air -- with air so dry and high pressure, we think most of this will not make it to the area, but it won't surprise us if a couple showers make it across the appellations. viewing areas in the overnight could have a stray shower or two. and back to partly-cloudy skies tomorrow. the heat and humidity, you have to travel a long way to find it, because it's not on the eas. all the values below average. 77 in detroit. it starts to warm up farther to the west. 85 in st. louis and that's the air mass that's coming into here tomorrow afternoon and into the weekend. low 80's and humidity levels 9Ășl start to pick up as well. the dew point still in the 50's
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and some 40's but transportation project temperatures are -- but dew point temperatures are starting to spark out. but this evening most areas metro area and beyond clear tonight and portions west maybe a brief shower or sprinkle. partly cloudy and 62 in the morning. partly cloudy tomorrow and warm. dew points making it comfortable but a little more humidity in the air late in the day and even more so into friday where it will bemuggy and partly cloudy in the 40's. saturday and sunday there will be a coastal front, partly sunny, warm and humid, highs in the mid-80's and a chance of showers and storms sunday. and monday we'll see clearing skies and back up in the 80's. >> this has been a nice little respite. >> coming up on abc~ 7 news at 5:00, an abc~7 exclusive. we hear from the woman who came face to face with a masked gunman minutes before he opened
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fire on d.c. police. >> caught on tape, two women, look at this, who came so close to getting hit by a train. the conductor thought they had been killed. >> why the agency that runs metro is facing a lawsuit. >> but first a look at what's coming up tonight on abc~7 primetime. don't go away.
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>> the founder of the maryland suburban swim club in lawal pleaded guilty to one count of child abuse in the 19 80's. christopher yacht was charged in april with abusing a 7-year-old girl when baby sitting and coaching her. he's scheduled to be sentenced in september and faces up to ten years in prison. >> the washington metropolitan transit authority is accused of using a policy that -- according to the report bars criminal histories individual from employment. the spokesperson says the agency does not comment on open investigations.
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>> you won't believe this video. the indiana railroad says it released some dramatic surveillance video to teach people why they should stay clear of the tracks. while two women, right here were on this railroad bridge last month when a 100-car coal train came barreling down the tracks. it was moving at 30 miles an hour. so there was no way it could stop in time. one woman just laid down, right in the middle of the track. the other let back to the side. >> the engineer assumed that he was calling into our dispatch office to let him know that he had killed two people. thankfully they crawled out from underneath the train. >> incredible. only about 10 inches of space between the bottom of the train and the track. however the only injury a stubbed toe. we're told both women are facing
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criminal charges and of course that is for trespassing. so it goes to the question what were they doing there in the first place. >> that has to be the luckiest stubbed toe in history. can you imagine their dreams from on here on out. nightmares. >> all the calories of a family's meal crammed into one person's serving. the restaurants dubbed for extreme eating. >> we'll tell you about the disturbing e-mail sent to hundreds of area workers just days before their business shut down without warning. >> protecting women from domestic violence. >> and the day after d.c. police say they were forced to sue a man. we speak exclusively with the woman who came face to face with that man just
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>> you're watching abc~ 7 news at 5:00, on your side. >> tonight we are hearing from the woman who says a masked gunman threatened her life only minutes before police shot him. >> this started late last night with an armed robbery in southeast washington. and jennifer donelan is live in southeast with the story you'll see only on 7. >> we just met with this 25-year-old woman. she tells us when she learned that he had allegedly shot at a police officer, she knew there was nothing that would have stopped him from shooting her.
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>> it was absolutely terrifying. >> a 25-year-old d.c. woman lived to tell the tale of coming face to face with a masked gunman in minnesota avenue southeast last night. >> he pointed the gun at my chest and like i'm not going to tell you again to give me my purse. >> she did as she was told. >> i thought if i didn't give him my purse he would definitely shoot me. >> he forgot to take her cell phone and walked to the allie. >> the second he left to the allie i called 911. >> police swarmed the neighborhood, and she was still on the phone and had no idea the man who held her up apparently wasn't afraid to fire that gun, according to police. >> i start to hear all these gunshots, so i'm telling dispatch oh, my god it sounds like gunshots. >> according to the police report the gunman in his attempt to escape fired several shots at an officer. police say the officer fired back and the armed man was grazed in the leg.
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officers eventually found him hiding in a backyard. >> i definitely feel like they did what they were supposed to do and it all led to him being caught. >> her father a retired department of justice worker and her mother, a retired teacher are simply thankful she's alive. >> when she told me what happened, it hit me like a ton of bricks. >> policemen are armed. they're supposed to deal with this kind of thing. we just thank god for being gracious to us. >> we also just got off the phone with police chief cathy lanier and she says that she's just glad that her officer is okay, he wasn't wounded in that incident. she said their officers are always going into dangerous situations. last night there were two officers in the same district injured in separate incidents. >> there's a new push to protect women from gun violence. the group, every town for gun safety, released a new ad
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yesterday and it calls on republican senators to support legislation to close federal loopholes that allow many abusive partners to purchase guns. a senate committee talked about loopholes on how to improve the violence against women act. >> former new york city mayor michael bloomberg is the founder of every town for gun safety and pledged to spend $50 million of his own money to pressure lawmakers to tighten gun laws. >> the u.s. is condemning israel's latest strikes in gaza after tank shells toured through a united united nations school. that's become a refuge for war refugees. greta kreuz has been monitoring the situation. >> this is such a mess. the u.n. says this is the sixth school hit since the three week
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conflict began, and yet another cease-fire came and went. >> just before dawn, artillery pounded a school in gaza. a school the u.n. was using to shelter displaced palestinians. the attack left 17 dead, dozens hurt. outraged u.n. investigators blamed israel. >> we've looked to some of the fragments and we can say this was insider artillery -- israeli artillery that hit the school. we have notified them 17 times of the precise coordinates of this school to protect it. >> but israel says hamas fired first. >> there was multiple fired, fired right from next to the school. there was an exchange of fire with our forces. clearly it's a tragedy,. >> israel announced a four hour humanitarian cease-fire, but hamas never signed on and the visual quickly resumed, this -- violence quickly resumed this time at a market in gaza.
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people tried to shop, while there was an air strike killing doesens and injuringñh left palestinians with nowhere to go. but israel says they must destroy hamas, a group that's vowed to destroy israel. leaflets were dropped to residents saying to report locations of hamas tunnels and stockpiles. >> despite international criticism a new poll says that 38% of israeli jews oppose any cease-fire. greta kreuz, abc~7 news. >> thank you, greta. staying overseas land mines may be the latest obstacle for investigators who are looking into the malaysia airlines jet that was shot down over ukraine. a ukraine security spokesperson says the bombs planted by pro-russian rebels may make it nearly impossible for u.s. investigators to get in and do
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their work. but that is even if they can get to the wreckage. international observers say they were turned away again after discussion with those rebels. >> a morning crash sends a car off the road and down an embankment in lanim. newschopper 7 was out there over the beltway. lease have not said what caused the -- police have not said what caused the car to flip over an embankment. the victim is in the hospital but we don't know her condition right now. >> bob immler is in the w.t.o.p. traffic center with traffic details. >> on the b.w. parkway a lot of volume traveling north out of riverdale and southbound into fort immediate. i-95 southbound a crash on the outer loop of the beltway into prince george's county. inner loop out of tysons is slow up to 270 and to annandale.
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let's take a look at some cameras. 395 headed southbound from the pentagon, running well here but northbound at sure lingten, there was a crash, now replaced by a bus causing delays north. inner loop, on the right side of the screen very slow headed up to 270 but no incidents is in the roadway. that's the way it looks. bob immler in the w.t.o.p. traffic center. >> coming up on abc~ 7 news at 5:00. the disturbing e-mail sent to workers at a local company just days before it went bankrupt. leaving hundreds without a job. >> i think it's important for us all to understand that we're just one world together. >> the international partnership and gardening that are being saluted as harris' heroes. >> live coverage of
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>> excel academy is the first all girls public charter school in d.c. and the schools leaders are out to encourage healthier lifestyles but through a interesting global approach. for using this unique tactic
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excel academy is this week's harris' hero. >> excel academy students are used to getting their hands dirty in the school garden. this year they also grew fruits and veggies in personal kits called grow'ems. >> tomatoes and different peppers. >> sustainability is such an important part of culture today that the girls should learn it young so they can live that life. >> the school collaborated with a school on the island of aruba. the girls there grew the same plants at the same time. >> they use different sources and different ways and methods to grow their vegetables and their fruit and plants there. >> the students skypeed each other during the process and a select group of excel students traveled to the areuben school to -- arubin school to share tips and cultures. >> it's very different.
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it got me a little out of my comfort zone, but it was very, very fun. >> kay savage, the founder says that an anacostia and aruber hae similar ac-- aruba have similar problems with access. >> there are problems with access to food. you're seeing diabetes, obesity and hypertension. >> she says she hopes this project will encourage the children to eat healthier, but also understand the importance of having access to high quality fruits and veggies. so she's counting on the students to carry that message forward. >> changed my life. >> this is just the start of their global well-being initiative. besides the school in aruba they will partner with a school in ireland and a school in the netherlands as well. so they'll be all over the globe. >> what a great program. >> speaking of food, ahead on abc~ 7 news at 5:00, the meal for one that has the calories of
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a meal for an entire family. >> an e-mail from their boss saying everyone was okay just days before they all got fired. i'm stephen tschida, i'll tell you why those
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>> we have breaking news in the corruption trial of former virginia governor bob mcdonnell and his wife maureen. >> the star witness in the trial is on the stand. hatzel vela joins us from the newsroom with what we just learned. >> this is information we are getting from our own jeff goldberg who is inside that courtroom in richmond. let me go ahead and show you a picture that jeff tweeted about two hours ago when mr. williams showed up to court. two key pieces of information we're getting from jeff goldberg. one is that back in april of 2011, the williams took a trip with the governor's wife where they went on a $20,000 shopping spree. key information number 1. a month later in may 2 of 2011 we're told maureen mcdonnell and williams met to discuss the
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family's financial situation. that is where we're being told, according to williams who is on the stand right now, that's where she asked him for a $50,000 loan and then asked for an additional $15,000 loan for the expenses of their daughter's wedding. again, our jeff goldberg is inside that courtroom in richmond, and he will of course bring us updates, new information, starting at 6:00. reporting live in the newsroom, hatzel vela, abc~7 news. >> thank you. >> meanwhile we have new developments in the sudden closing of truland systems. it put hundreds out of work in this area. >> we've learn days before the closing the president of the company september out e-mails assuring -- sent out e-mails assuring employees that everything was fine. stephen tschida has the latest. >> already a lot of litigation is in the works over the
5:47 pm
collapse of truant. and now former employees say they are considering coming together for a class action suit in part because of this e-mail. >> just days before some 1,000 employees got pink slips, the president of truen systems, a huge electrical contracting business based in westin, sent out a mass e-mail. >> i think it's wrong. that's why i'm going to talk to them about it right now. >> the electrician's union is where some are going for answers. questions center on the e-mail dated july 18, three days before the company went out of business. it's addressed to all truland employees. in it, the company president does his best to reassure the employees, some of whom had not received checks on the prior pay date. he states "this week several large checks promised to us never came in." it goes on. "we now have sufficient mund to cover outstanding wages" and it
5:48 pm
concludes that funds for the coming weeks are sufficient to cover payroll. >> that's pretty bad. former employees are -- some former employees are angry and considering legal action to try to get some kind of compensation. >> i have heard of people taking a class action suit. >> i would like to hope so. >> i don't know. i'm going to go in here and talk to them. i need to find out more info myself. >> the former truen employees we have spoken with say they are questioning not only the ethics but the legality of sending out that e-mail saying all is well, just three days before the demise of truen. reporting live, stephen tschida, abc~7 news. >> thank you stephen. >> general motors is facing its first lawsuit over the faulty ignation switches that led -- ignition switches that led to the recalls. all of it happened after the company emerged from bankruptcy.
5:49 pm
the suit claims that g.m. knew about the problem that caused vehicles to stall as early as 2001 but didn't issue a recall until this year. this comes days before people will be able to file claims for the compensation expert working on behalf of g.m. to handle these cases. >> just in time for dinner we're getting a look at what are called the worst of the worst restaurant meals when it comes to your health. according to the center for science and the public interest, the worst offender is joe's crab shack and its big hook-up platter. we have a $22 bundle of fried slim and fish, 3300 cal-- shrimp, 3300 calories. other high calorie fat and soium offenders. the -- sodium offenders. the cheesecake factory's brulee
5:50 pm
and french coast. >> the hookup is you have -- toast. >> the hookup is you have to get hooked to a defibrillator. >> i figure if maxo and monster is in the title you're on the wrong road there. >> we have been maxing out weather-wise the last couple days. >> that's for sure. >> another beautiful late july afternoon and evening with temperatures well below average. partly-cloudy skies, comfortable weather. let's gets into it with a live look from the rooftop camera in rosslyn looking across the river, across the memorial bridge and back into the city. beautiful nearly cloudless skies from this vantage point. 68 in allegheny county, and 77 reported in fairfax and leesburg and the lows this morning as chilly as 47 in frostburg. late july, that is chilly stuff. at this hour, 76 in annapolis and 79 at reagan national airport.
5:51 pm
the morning lows tomorrow a couple degrees milder than this morning. still chilly but we'll take it. 64 near annapolis, edgewater area. watching these showers and a few rumbles of thunder kind of pinwheeling from a low pressure center over the northern great lakes and across ohio and northern west west virginia. a lot of that will dissipate over the mountains tonight but there's a chance of a few showers. late tonight and overnight random showers are certainly not out of the question. otherwise clear to partly-cloudy skies. tomorrow we'll see temperatures warming into the mid-80's, partly cloudy and then friday, saturday, and sunday, partly cloudy, warm and humid, low to mid-80's, chances of showers and storms each day, each afternoon. many back to sunshine and the same story as we head into early august and the early part of next week. that's the latest. leon, alison back to you. >> what's the word from richmond? >> they were back on the field
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and it was fun to watch because rg3 reaperred. down the sidelines -- reappeared, it looked like his rookie year. under jay gruden they will use quick screens and take shots deep and all that will keep the opposing team guessing. rg3 believes in what jay uden is doing. but griffin doesn't like controversy and he was asked about bruce allen's comments about playing too early last year and how it was disrespect to football. >> i know where he's coming from. that was the coach's prerogative. and i can't really do anything about that. i played the hand i was dealt last year and we're ready it to move on and forward with the new regime. i was able to practice off season and in training camp with no stress and be able to go out and get better. >> throwing mike shanahan under
5:53 pm
the bus unjustly. horace holmes will be live at 6:00 with a great look at ryan cart. >> they are on their way home because of this hit by ian desmond. the roach came home, and there you go. 4-3 was the final against the marlins as they move on and the nats stay in first place. we span the globe to bring your a constant variety of supports. ping-pong. great paddle control, terrific movement. offense versus defense. watch the far court. this player from nigeria keeps it alive trying to force an error, and yes here it comes. the point of the year and where's the mistake? yes, sir, he wins the natch. that is the play of the night as we bring you the constant variety of sports. >> you topped yourself. >> got to love it. >> we'll be right back.
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>> a massive cleanup is under way after a water main burst in los angeles. >> now we're hearing the cleanup will be lasting a while. kirk from ucla with just how long this will last. >> well alison, city officials just wrapped up a news conference a short time ago and they now say it could take at least 48 hours before this neighborhood in the ucla campus returns back to normal. >> the streets of los angeles transformed into a raging river. >> that sinkhole is getting bigger and bigger. >> a century old water main 30 inches in diameter burst monday afternoon create ag15-foot hole and sending gallons of water surging into a busy street and onto the campus at 35 gallons per minute. all this coming at the height of a historic california drought. >> when you have this water,
5:58 pm
it's like a flash flood. >> ucla's legendary basketball recently renovated for $132 million surged. crews plan to assess the damage today after working around the clock to protect the court. >> it's not nice to see. >> the flood of water also trapping hundreds of cars in the underground parking lots of ucla. firefighters even having to rescue five people. outside the campus resembling a water park, this staircase a wading pool. >> the water that came out of the pipes is something i don't think we've ever seen on the campus. >> fixing the leak is a very complex process. local utility officials that's because the water main break happened close to where two very large pipes come together. live in los angeles kirk hawkins, abc~7 news. >> thank you very much.
5:59 pm
>> unbelievable scene. >> in the middle of a drought out there when they need it the most. >> that's it now for abc~ 7 news at abc~ 7 news at 5:00. >> abc~ 7 news atabc 7 news ats right now with breaking news captioned by the national captioning institute live from the abc~7 broadcast centers, this is abc~7 breaking news. >> that breaking news is from richmond tonight where the prosecution's star witness took the stand in the corruption trial of former governor bob mcdonnell and his wife maureen. >> the witness is one jonnie williams, the former c.e.o. of star scientific. he just testified about taking maureen mcdonnell on an expensive shopping protein and the fact that he -- and the fact he says she's made an emotional plea for money. jeff goldberg is live in richmond. what did williams have to say? >> well gordon, jonnie williams taking the stand late today. we really didn't expect to see him taking the stand, but when he did, he had a whole lot to
6:00 pm
say in addition to talking about that shopping spree in new york city in which he spent $20,000 he says on the former first lady maureen mcdonnell. he also talked about how it was very clear to him he was entering into a business relationship with bob and maureen mcdonnell when the former governor was in office here in richmond. here now jonnie williams getting out of court moments ago. >> you said this was just a business relationship jonnie, can you comment on that? >> mr. williams is not going to comment on anything. back off, please. you are all being a bit ridiculous. please. >> what will you comment? >> certainly a chaotic scene outside the courtroom just ten minutes ago. williams on the stand today talking detail about a meeting he had may 2, 2011 at the governor's mansion in richmond. he says that maureen mcdonnl


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